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April 27, 2008


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L.A. Law: Roz falls down the elevator shaft.

The Brady Bunch: The Brady's go to Hawaii. Or the Grand Canyon. I actually liked Cousin Oliver, so I don't count that moment as the end.

Family Ties: The youngest daughter, who was an infant the season before, suddenly became a 6-year-old.

The Real World: Boston: Just the whole season. That was the year I realized I was too old for "The Real World."

Robert David Sullivan

All good candidates. I thought of "LA Law" and the elevator shaft, mainly because Roz was the best character on the show and it was an insane waste to get rid of her, but I never liked the show that much to begin with.

I agree with the Boston season of the Real World. I remember reading that a few of the housemates had jobs at a clinic in East Boston and that they took THREE subway lines to get there from Beacon Hill (Red to Green to Blue) instead of just walking a couple of blocks to the Blue Line. Such stupidity couldn't be tolerated.

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