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July 21, 2009


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Chris VanHaight

Not to get all psychosocialbabbly about this, but this seems to be a part of our culture's notion that we can live without limits. Have it all! Do it all! Never suffer! Never die! Be young and beautiful forever! Find your tenth soulmate today! The advertising industry has been this idea's biggest booster, making us feel like slackers if we are not being a master-of-the-universe on a cell phone while at the amusement park for some "quality time" with the kid we see on alternate weekends. Our disconnection feeds our hunger for connection, which the cell phone companies and pornographers are more than willing to faux-satiate. It is all about an illusion of perfection that every once and a while shatters, leaving someone dead on the highway or in a hot car.

Cora Bullock

Cellphones can be distracting, especially when you're driving or at work. People should use their cellphones carefully and at the most convenient time. Accidents happen, but we can avoid them if we're cautious enough to begin with.

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