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March 31, 2011


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Patrick Cleary


Those people were my sister-in-law's parents. The report of what Elaine said to Dave while he was shooting her is total fiction, and the Wakefield Police Department and the DA's office has said as much. The fact that this ridiculous story of her "taunting" him while he was murdering her is so stupid, so badly-reported, that I want to take every "reporter" (including you) to task for repeating it.

Even if Dave had said that his wife shouted that at him, he's an admitted murderer. Why should anybody take his word as fact? Why should you take, of all things, the Boston Herald's reporting of something that happened with no witnesses (save the murderer's) as fact?

Elaine was a timid, meek, lovely woman who never had a bad thing to say about anyone. She might have been harsh when arguing with her husband, I don't know what happened behind closed doors. But there was breakfast on the stove when she was shot. I know because my brother and sister-in-law cleaned up the kitchen. She was taking care of him, and had for over a year since he fell and broke his hip. She had to help him bathe, dress, and go to the bathroom. Why would someone "taunt" a loved one who was trying to kill her?

Honestly, you and every other "reporter" need to step back and think about what "facts" are, and what just make for stories to fill your papers and blogs.

Robert David Sullivan

Patrick, I'm sorry your family has had to go through this. The point I was making is that it's insensitive and inhumane to make judgments about "real" people when we know only bits of information (which may not even be true) about their lives. I had to use a real example here, and the Herald story and reader comments struck me as particularly callous. I do NOT agree with the reader comments, and I think the rest of the post makes clear that I don't take what the reporter wrote at face value.

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