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September 27, 2011


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No, you can't! Get to a doctor, Robert!! If you kick it because you decide not to bother anyone or get checked out when you have something that seems like more than a run-of-the-mill cold, no one will forgive you. And you can't escape the guilt that will induce just by dying; it will find you.

Robert David Sullivan

Michael, I'll get it checked out by my doctor. I do think my big mistake was the over-the-counter knock-out medication. Better to treat the symptoms than try to smother them.


Please go to a doctor!

Frank curran

You need to see two doctors. One for your cold/virus/bronchitis, the other a shrink for waiting so long to think about seeing one!
Be well, foolish scribe!

Robert David Sullivan

Too late, I got better. Still need the shrink, do doubt.

Rolando Teco

Hm. Next time. Get thee to a doctor! I used to have bronchitis a lot as a kid. Not something to sit on. Can easily turn into pneumonia. Or worse. Blue Roses! :()

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