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March 01, 2012


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Dave Rosen

Of course, Tuttle previews Seinfeld's Suzy.

Anthony Strand

I'm 27, and M*A*S*H is one of my all-time favorite shows. Admittedly, a lot of that affection comes from watching the reruns with my dad when I was in high school, but I think it holds up really well.

Robert David Sullivan

I do think some of the early episodes hold up because of good stories. I'm curious whether you think the same of the later, more pathos-driven seasons.


Great post, great blog, great list

Anthony Strand

I actually prefer those seasons, or at least the middle ones. Reading your thoughts about it, I get the impression we have fundamentally different views of what makes the show work. I mostly think the Trapper John/Henry seasons are too broad, and that it improved immensely once it figured out how to make the characters into real people.

You mentioned Frank as a weak character, and I agree, but I think Charles is a much better one. He's still a foil for Hawkeye, but a more realistic, well-rounded one. I actually buy him as both a good doctor and a general decent human being in spite of his pomposity.

Similarly, (the TV version of) Trapper always seemed like nothing more than a watered-down Hawkeye clone. (I always imagined that when they first met, he decided Hawkeye was his new hero and role model and never deviated from that.) BJ, on the other hand, I buy as Hawkeye's friend and equal. They aren't the same person - BJ's more straight-laced than Hawkeye, obviously - but they have the same sense of humor.

And I vastly prefer Potter - a believable commanding officer with realistic attitudes and quirks - to Henry, who is a joke. But I understand why you don't, because it's not really the same show. The switch from Henry to Potter signaled "We don't really have any interest in satire anymore. We're just going to watch these guys live."

During what I think of as "the good BJ years" (seasons 4-8 or so), it became a pretty low-key show about day-to-day life in a MASH unit, which I'll admit is pretty far from the broad satire it set out to be. And if the characters bore you, then I can see why you have no interest in watching that show.

I agree that the show got to be way too anachronistic as it progressed though.

I'm 35 and I like MASH a lot. I really got into it when I was in high school, although I'd caught it in reruns for years before that.

I agree with Anthony on pretty much every point. I prefer B.J. to trapper, Winchester to Frank, and Potter to Blake. Sure, it got EXTRA EXTRA DRAMATIC in the last few seasons, but MASH had more good seasons than a lot of shows have seasons of any kind.


Another young-ish MASH fan here, 29. I got into it in high school.

I liked episodes all the way through, but I think that as a sitcom it was better in the early years. . . I'd put Radar leaving as the turning point.

After that I feel like it was still good, but in a different way. It turned into the first dramady on TV (a road it started down in earlier seasons). People knew and liked the characters well enough that the humor could be sacrificed for more in-depth looks at the characters.


I'm 24 and I love MASH and I think it deserves to have more episodes on this list. At the very least, you probably shouldn't use the obviously faulty "no one I've talked to" sample size as proof of anything. That is all.


I am 17 and mash is my all time favourite show to watch. I try to watch 2 episodes a day whether i've seen it or not.

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