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May 23, 2012


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Jerry Kaplan

The laugh track in this clip contains the immortal "uh oh, uh, huh, huh, huh" by a lady I've heard for decades. It occurs when the top of the jack first appears through the hood of the car. I wonder if this lady knew her moment would become immortalized on hundreds, if not thousands, of shows. Too bad she couldn't collect residuals. I also wonder what program on what program she first appeared. Perhaps this one, although I can't imagine there was a studio audience in this road show episode.

Robert David Sullivan

Jerry: That might be Lucille Ball's mother, DeDe, who was at every taping and frequently blurted "uh-oh!" Apparently, her laugh did get filched for use on laugh track machines ( But I'm pretty sure there would have been a studio audience for the changing-of-the-tire scene. It was clearly done on a sound stage anyway, and the audience just sat on a set of bleacher seats. And Lucy and Desi discovered early on, to their surprise, that live audiences didn't mind waiting for the often-complicated set changes to happen.

Tina Hyde

I know of one Sullivan who is very inspiring and famous. The Sullivan teacher of Helen Keller has been very famous for me for what she has done to Helen.

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