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June 13, 2012


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Probably my mother's favorite episode of ALL IN THE FAMILY. One of the things she always liked about this series was that even as Edith "blossomed" over the years, she did so in a way that remained true to who Edith was. She also admired that the way Archie and Edith talked to each other rang true. They communicated the way real people communicate and didn't just trade wisecracks and insults, the way so many sitcom spouses do.


One of my favourites, and the look on Archie's face when he recognizes Edith's singing voice is among the funniest things ever on AITF. The character of Harry the bartender, who would remain a recurring character throughout the remainder of the series) was created for this episode. (The plot required Edith to not be recognized when she walked into Kelcy's and previous episodes had already established that she and Kelsy already knew one-another.)

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