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December 13, 2012


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Dave Rosen

So here we are, within spitting distance of the finish line...Episode 5 ("Man in a Hurry," The Andy Griffith Show) was quite the dark horse choice...a very enjoyable series. But no sign of I Love Lucy's "Job Switching" aka "The Candy Factory" episode. This episode is to sitcoms what "Stairway To Heaven" is to Best Rock Song of All-Time. So you either propagate the cliche or buck tradition. Looking forward to it...


Your article at A.V. Club on the ten ALL IN THE FAMILY episodes that changed television is very interesting. The comments on the article, though, represents as big a bunch of morons and idiots as I've seen on the internet. "Comments" sections have become the bane of the internet, the home of fools, cranks and trolls, this site's comments section being one of the happy exceptions.

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