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February 13, 2013


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vito santucci

Lena Dunham's chubby little body has an hypnotic & addictive quality. When I first happened across an installment of "Girls" while channel surfing and saw her pudgy ass and diminutive titties, I asked myself "what the fuck am I watching THIS for." But, the show was humorous and better than the other shit programming that I had been surfing through and I stuck with it. It helped that a couple of her character's friends had nice tits and asses and talked dirty too. I became sufficiently engaged with the program to where I viewed all the installments on my video-on-demand. By some strange and mysterious process of induced mental depravity, I have succumbed to an obsessive fascination with Dunham's naked chubby physicality and a compulsive desire to see her cavorting through her bare-assed adventures. The uninhibited amusing nudity IS unique. Much of the time, I resent the gratuitous peep-show nudity presented on cable TV's wares. Dunham's escapades do not have that effect. I am amused and not offended.

Robert David Sullivan

I think HBO and Dunham can live with the description "induced mental depravity" if it brings in viewers.

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