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June 29, 2016


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In the 2004 election, were the rural counties Kerry picked up mostly ski resort counties where fear of climate change destroying livelihoods would be widespread??

This would be especially plausible in California’s Alpine and Mono Counties. Alpine County constitutes an interesting story since it had before 2004 voted Democratic only twice – in FDR’s two landslides of 1932 and 1936 – over one hundred and forty years since 1861.

Bill Clinton and Carter seem to have achieved no so abrupt turnaround from long runs of voting Republican. What county had the longest run of voting Republican before Bill Clinton won it?

Wyoming’s Teton County – in the reddest state in the nation – is another ski resort county that turned blue in 2004. Orleans and Caledonia Counties in Vermont, and several in Colorado would seem similar. Minnesota’s Cook County is another possible case: though Bush in 2000 is the only Republican to win it since 1984, it voted Democrat only once between 1952 and 1984 and had a variable history before 1932 with strong support for Socialists and Progressives.

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