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Chris VanHaight

Also, no matter how much a voter may like a particular politician, they are still going to vote their pocketbooks. The mistake that Obama and many pro-healthcare-for-all folks have made is trying to appeal to people's heartstrings about poor children without healthcare. The reality is that close to 90 percent of voters (certainly "likely voters") already have healthcare, and they don't want to pay more for some "poor" (code-word for minority and/or undocumented) person to have it. The liberal elite can drone on about how "it is a scandal that in such a wealthy country so many do not have health insurance, blah, blah, blah...," but unless they can make a convincing case that the vast majority of "likely voters" (code-word for employed suburbanites with health insurance) will be better off because of this plan, it will go down in flames.

Robert David Sullivan

"90 percent" insured may be a high number, Chris, and plenty of insured people realize that they could lose all coverage if they lose their jobs. You're right that there has to be more emphasis on voters' self-interest, though.

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