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Peter Kadzis

The GOP is so pathetic that they'll claim that Bozo Brown is a winner even before he looses. Go figure. Maybe I'm wrong. We'll see.

Pete from Boston

"Ted Kennedy's popular legacy bill" ??

What planet does Ezra Klein live on?

The Reid/Pelosi bill is extremely UNPOPULAR. A majority of Americans OPPOSE this bill.

Scott Brown is not trouncing Coakley in spite of his opposition to the health destruction bill in Congress, but BECAUSE of it! And that is jut ONE of the MANY REASONS life-long Democrats in MA are voting Republican for the first time.

Try paying attention to the news once in a while - it might help you clear up the distortion in your perception.

Robert David Sullivan

According to this week's Boston Globe poll, a slim plurality of voters in Massachusetts (43-36) support the current bill:

I don't think theres any question, however, that a Brown victory would be a repudiation of Ted Kennedy's record in the US Senate and Kennedys support for universal health care coverage. That would be quite a turnaround in public sentiment in this state.

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